Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back to School Freebies and August/September NO PREP Games Galore

Are you in full out Back to School mode yet?  I'm working my way into it.  I am moving schools this year {still teaching 1st grade}, so I worked all last week moving things out of my old school and into my new school.  It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate in 12 years!
This picture was what I started with after dropping off all of my things on Monday.  Then my room was painted on Tuesday and Wednesday so I couldn't get back in.
 After spending all day Thursday in my classroom, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I still have a lot more to do, but it's getting there.
This weekend, I was finally able to finish up my Games Galore NO PREP packet for August/September.
I love these packets because they are pretty much print and go.  I always print them off and keep them on my desk to use when I have a couple extra minutes or I can see that my students need a change of pace.
My girls LOVE testing them out for me at home.

 You can check out all of the games by clicking on the picture below and heading to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
I also wanted to share a couple Back to School freebies with you!  I will be sending these home on the first day of school.  This really helps me to get to know my students on a more personal level.  Click on either of the pictures below to download your freebie.
{I have included a Kindergarten - 3rd grade version.}
 I also wanted to share this list again with you that I created last year as a resource of the procedures that you need to remember to teach at the beginning of the school year. You can download this to print by clicking on any of the pictures below.
We have two more weeks before school starts and it seems like my to-do list is endless.  When do you start back?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vegas, Hawaii, Moving, and More

I know it's been a little while since I've had a chance to blog, so this post may be all over the place.
If you read a lot of teaching blogs, I'm sure that you've been reading a lot about Las Vegas lately.  The I Teach K and I Teach 1st conferences were during the same week in Vegas and they were AMAZING!  Then, it was followed up by the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers Conference, which was also amazing in so many ways.
It was my first time attending the I Teach 1st conference AND it was my first opportunity to present for SDE.  What an experience!  I don't think I slept a full night for the 6 months leading up the conference because I was so nervous, but in the end, it was well worth it.
I presented on Monday, so the rest of the week I was able to attend sessions, meet up with other teachers, and meet SO many bloggers!
 Deanna Jump, Elizabeth Hall, Deedee Wills, Cheryl Saoud, Cara Carroll, Amanda Nickerson, Katie Mense, Hope King, Rachelle Smith, Holly Ehle
 Hadar Maor, Kristin Oldham, Jennifer Kadar, Mel D, Marsha McQuire, Crystal Radke, Maria Manore, Annie Moffatt, Mary Amoson, Jennifer White, Krissy Miner Davis, Kaci Hoffer
 {I stole this picture from What the Teacher Wants of Maria, Marsha, Mary, & I from the Blogger Meet up}
 Hadar (Miss Kindergarten), myself, Annie Moffatt (The Moffatt Girls), & Kristin (Teeny Tiny Teacher)
 Cara Carroll (The First Grade Parade)
Jessica Tobin, Lisa Mattes, & Christina DeCarbo
Cheryl Saoud & Crystal Radke
So then, after an amazing week in Vegas, my hubby and I flew to HAWAII with my cousin and his wife.  We were both celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversaries.
We stayed on Maui and it was absolutely gorgeous!  We went to an amazing Luau and I definitely recommend it if you are ever on Maui.
 We drove the road to Hana, which is 68 miles of curves (approximately 620...yikes!)  Thankfully, I took some motion sickness medicine before we went.  It was worth doing it once.  I don't know that I have any desire to be on that road all day again though.
 We saw rainbows every single day!
 We also took a helicopter tour over Maui and Molokai.  (Hello motion sickness meds again!)  This was absolutely amazing and we were able to see parts of Hawaii that you can only see from above.
So, now that I'm back and getting readjusted to the Eastern Time Zone, I've been trying to face the reality of getting back into school mode.  First up, moving!
After 12 years at the same school, I decided to accept a 1st grade position at a different school.  It is SO hard to leave the place I have called my 2nd home for over a decade, but am excited about a change and new possibilities.
I started moving out of my school this week and am shocked by how much stuff I have accumulated in the last 12 years. 
Here is my new room.  The pictures are deceiving and make it look bigger than it is.  I'm excited to start making it my own, but am a little challenged with the lack of storage space.  I had SO many cabinets in my old classroom that I'm going to have be extremely creative with storage solutions in this classroom.
To add to the chaos of the new school year, moving schools, and classrooms, we are ALSO moving houses!  We bought a house on the last day of school in June and will be moving in sometime in August.  They say change is good, but I may be overdoing it :)  Don't they also say to not make major life choices while you're pregnant...whoops!
Kudos to you if you have stuck with me this long, but I have also finished a couple of things on my to do list. 
I updated my "First Day of School Book" which is an easy go to activity for the first day of school.
 Just click on the picture above to head on over and download it from TpT.  If you have already purchased this booklet in the past, the update is a free download.
I also completed two more Communication Folders.  I have had a couple requests for a CIRCUS theme.
I created a LION theme because this is the one I will be using this year since the mascot at my new school is a lion.
I have MANY more to choose from that you can find HERE.  You can see how I use these in my classroom HERE.
Are you in back to school mode yet? 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daily Math Notebook

When I created my Daily Comprehension Notebook's last year, they were such a huge success that people started asking if I would create a Math version.
I'm happy to say that I just completed the 1st grade edition of my Daily Math Notebook!!
I am very excited to use these during this next school year.  I will be binding one for each of my students like I did with my comprehension notebooks.  I have also heard from teachers saying that they like to copy it at 75% and use the sheets in their interactive notebooks.
Each week contains a "Problem of the Week" as well as a multi-step problem.  Days 3-5 include other standard based math skills for the students to work on.

I will have this notebook on sale starting today through Friday if you would like to pick it up at a discount to prep for the new school year!  Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sight Word Poems {The Bundle}

I've had a ton of requests to bundle my Sight Word Poems.
If you have not already purchased these sets separately, you can now purchase the entire bundle of all three sets at a discounted price.  This set includes the first 300 sight words! {Click on the picture above.}
If you need the individual sets, you can click on the pictures below.
 These are simple, easy to read poems that are perfect for Poetry Notebooks.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Calendar Freebie

My girls are at Vacation Bible School all week for a couple hours each morning so I have actually had some time to finish some things on my to do list.
First up is trying to finish my presentation for the SDE I Teach 1st Conference in Las Vegas.
I cannot believe that it is just a little over one week away!!!  I am a nervous wreck about presenting, but am really excited about meeting so many great teachers while in Vegas.
Next on my to do list was to update my school calendar for the 2014-2015 school year.  Each year I update it and post it as a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I almost forgot about it this year, but I have had a lot of requests lately for an updated version.
So, here it is :)
Just click on either of the pictures above to download this for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers.
On a side note, I just have to share my oldest daughter's new haircut.
She has been growing it out for over a year and was SO excited to get it cut and donate it to Locks of Love.  I think it turned out so cute, even though it instantly made her look older :( 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sight Word Poems (The Third Set)

Teaching sight words is always so tricky every year.  Some students seem to learn them quickly, while others struggle all year long.  Last year, I created Sight Word poems to help my students and they were a huge hit. 
I just finished my third set of Sight Word Poems.
This set includes the third set of 100 Fry Sight Words.  {You can download the preview file at Teachers Pay Teachers to see the list of words included.}

You can also check out the first 100 words and the second 100 words.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2nd Grade Common Core Assessments

Hi!  Remember me!  I'm the one that used to blog, but somehow life has really gotten in the way lately!  Not that I'm complaining because now it is officially SUMMER BREAK!
So far, summer has been busy, busy, busy!  Saturday, my girls had their first dance recital.
 Oh my word...the makeup!  They were so excited to wear makeup, but I felt like I was making them look like clowns. 
Then, we decided to go and look at a house...well, we fell in love with it and now we are new home owners.  So, our house went up on the market today.
It's so bittersweet.  While I am ready to move and I love our new house, I know how much love we have put into this house.  We have remodeled this house like crazy.  There is definitely a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in this house along with many, many memories!
Anyways, in between all of this craziness called life, I did get a chance to update my 2nd Grade Common Core Language Arts Assessments. When I made these two years ago, it was VERY similar to my 1st grade version.  I came to realize that with people changing grade levels, looping, using them in the same school, etc. people wanted completely different versions for 1st & 2nd.  So, that's what I did.  I have changed out all of the reading passages and many of the assessments in the 2nd grade version.
If you have purchased these in the past, you can head on over to TpT to redownload the updated version.  If you would like to check these out, click on the picture above or the one below.
Just in case you're interested, here is the link to the 1st grade version.
I have Math versions as well that you can check out over at my store.

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