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How Can I Help My Child Suceed? Printables for Parents

As teachers, we know the importance of parental involvement in a child's education.  Most parents truly want to know how they can help their child at home, but they need exact tips on how to do that.   These lists are perfect for sending home during the first week of school, or during Parent Teacher Conferences.
 If you don't have access to a color printer, I have also added a black and white version to these printables.  They look great on colored Astrobrights paper.
To download this FREEBIE, just click HERE or on any of the pictures at the top of the post.

I'd love for you to leave me some feedback in my store after you download them.
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Alphabet Poetry

I love using poetry in my classroom.  It's great for working on reading fluency as well as rhyming words and word patterns.
During those first few weeks of school, it is so important to build your student's reading confidence.  I have found that using simple poetry is the perfect way to do this. 
A couple years ago, I created an Alphabet Poetry packet that included very simple and easy to read poems for each letter of the alphabet.  This week, I gave it a major overhaul with new graphics and fonts.
This first set of poems are very short and great for beginning readers.
I have included a color and a black and white version of each poem.  I also have a handwriting tracing page, and a blank page.  These are great for early in the year handwriting practice.
The poems are a great addition to a poetry folder for the beginning of the year.
If you already own this set, you can go and redownload the update at no additional cost.

After updating this first set, I decided to create a second set of poems that are at a little higher level.
This set may work better for some of your students or as a follow up to the first set of poems.
 They are written in the same format, but are a little longer.
I have also bundled both sets of poems together.
Do you use poems in your classroom on a regular basis?

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Father's Day - Donuts with Dad

A couple weeks ago, I had a Donuts with Dad morning in my classroom.  If you happen to still be in school (sorry), this is a great way to celebrate Father's Day with your students.
In preparation, we made mugs that I purchased from Dollar Tree.
I purchased Elmer's paint markers to use.  Originally, I was going to use Sharpies, but after reading many tutorials, I went with the actual paint markers instead.
I was a little worried about these being messy or running down the mug, but they were great!
My goal was to take these mugs home and bake them to try to keep the marker from washing away...however, it was the last few days of school and life was just too crazy.
Instead, I just included these instructions for the dads.
We also practiced poems to read to our dads, and made our Father's Day Flipbooks.
I made a slideshow to share that included pictures of each child along with what they loved about their dad.
It was a great morning!

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2nd Grade Morning Work

For the past couple of years, I have been using my 1st grade Morning Work packets every morning.  I have had many requests over the years to create a 2nd grade version.  This summer, I finally decided to tackle this project. 
It is similar to the first grade morning work in many ways, but I did make some changes.  Obviously, the content is different since it's geared towards 2nd graders.  I have rotated back and forth between 2nd grade sight words and short reading passages with a comprehension skill.  I have also added an explanation component to the daily word problem.

I did not include the Common Core Standards that are addressed on each page like I did with the 1st grade packet.  Indiana, as well as many other states, have stopped using CC, and have readopted their own standards.  For this reason, I did not include these.  However, they do address MANY different reading and math standards.
As of right now, I only have the first quarter of the 2nd grade packet finished.  I will be working on the other three sections this summer.  These can be purchased separately by quarters, or as a year long BUNDLE.  Just click on either of the pictures below to check them out.

The bundle is a growing bundle that only includes the first quarter as of now.  As I finish up each of the other three sections, you will be able to redownload the product at no additional charge if you purchase the bundle.

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Nonfiction Fluency

I love using nonfiction text as often as I can.  It's such a great way to integrate science and social studies into reading, since we all know how difficult it can be to fit everything into our school day.
I created this Nonfiction Fluency Roll & Read packet to add some excitement into their reading fluency practice.
This packet includes 40 science and social studies topics as well as a response sheet for your students to write about what they have learned.
These can be used in whole group, small group, partners, or as individuals.  I like to place my students into partnerships, so they can listen to each other read.  The students take turns rolling and reading the passage.  I usually give them a number of times to roll or a time limit before they stop to write on their response page.
If you would like to check out this packet, click on the cover page below.
All of the passages in this packet are written at about the same level, but I am currently working on a beginner packet that will be available soon.

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Summer Learning Chain

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking towards the end of the school year.  I always like to send something home with my students to keep their little minds working over the summer.  I have sent home activity calendars in the past, but wanted to make it a little more exciting this year.
I came up with the idea of a Summer Learning Chain using Astrobrights colored paper.
I printed a list of summer activities onto different colors of paper.  I used a huge variety of colors including my favorites of Blast-Off Blue, Solar Yellow, and Fireball Fuschia.
Each page has a different activity.  This makes it easy to cut and stack the activities for each student.
After they are printed, I can stack up all of the papers and cut the activities into strips using the paper cutter.
After the strips are cut, I will place a stack into a baggie for each student.
The students will be able to take these home on the last day of school.  Throughout the summer, they can pull out a strip and complete the activity.
As they complete an activity, they can tape or glue the strip into a circle and create a chain of activities.
Students will be able to see how long they can make their learning chain.
You can easily make up your own activities, but if you would like to download my set of FREEBIE activities, click HERE.
What a fun, and colorful, learning activity for this summer!

 This is a sponsored post. I received payment, trade and/or products from Astrobrights in exchange for promoting.  However, all opinions are my own and I only promote brands and products that I love.

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