Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Five Senses

Isn't it amazing how much easier the second week of school is compared to the first week?  That first week is just absolutely exhausting.  Not that I'm not still tired, but this week is definitely much smoother. 
Yesterday we started learning about our 5 senses in Science.  First, we learned about our sense of sight.
I put a tub on each table and gave the students about 3 minutes to use their sense of sight and look at the tub.  Then, they covered their eyes and I removed an item from each tub.  The students had to figure out which item I had removed.
We also sang our song about eyes and graphed our eye colors.

 We will be working our way through my revamped My Five Senses Unit this week.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Rules Freebie & 5 Minute Friday

Oh my goodness!  Exhausted does not even begin to describe how I feel right now.  This week was our first week of school AND we moved into our new house this week. 
Here is real life people...I am living in chaos right now.  Last weekend, we moved our beds and clothes to our new house so we could stay there this week.  We have been going back and forth throughout the week bringing over a carload of tubs each night.
This is my dining room right now.
We pick through our suitcases for clothes since we don't have our dressers yet.

We do have our beds, but yes, that is a card table chair that I'm currently using as my nightstand.

This is the living room...no furniture.  We have nowhere to sit in our house yet.  So, when I come home after school and my feet and legs are killing me because it's the first week of school, I stand or sit on the floor.

It'll get there, right?

Anyways, we did start school this week.  It's been a great first week.  I moved schools this year so I've been trying to learn the ropes at my new school.  I have gotten lost more than once and wandered down the wrong hall plenty of times. 
I created these classroom rules posters for my classroom and wanted to share them with you.



You can click HERE to download the posters for free.
I also wanted to share my 5 minute freebie with you since tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Have you seen these story cubes?  They are so much fun to use in a whole group setting, small groups, or even for individual students.  I always start by rolling a couple of the dice and displaying them on my document camera.  We work on creating a story orally using the pictures on the cubes first.  Eventually, the students will be able to write their own stories using the pictures.  They are just a great tool to have on hand if you find yourself with a couple extra minutes to spare.
Have you started back to school yet?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Open House Freebies

Monday is our Back to School Open House/Meet the Teacher Night, so I have been busy getting the finishing touches done on my room and setting things out for Open House.
I have done Magic Confetti in the past, but when I came across the idea for Jitter Glitter instead from my friend, Krissy, at Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business, I knew I was changing it up. 
I made this right away and headed to Dollar Tree.  I was able to buy these little packets of glitter 5/$1, but the little tubes of glitter that Dollar Tree sells would also be perfect.  Just click on the picture above to download for FREE.
I also found this cute idea on Pinterest from Teach N Tex for Open House.
You can click on the picture to download this freebie.
I had also posted my brochures and "Thanks for Popping In" pictures on Instagram last week, so I wanted to share that free download just in case you couldn't find it from previous posts on the blog.  Just click on the picture below.
Here are just a couple more snapshots of my classroom.

I am officially finished in my classroom until Monday.  I'd like to say I'm going to have a nice relaxing weekend, but we are going to start moving into our new house, so I don't think "relaxing" is in the plan.

5 Minute Friday {ABC Game}

Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe that it's Friday already!  It's my last week of summer vacation and it has just flown by SO fast!  I'm sure that next Friday will not come nearly as quickly ;)
It's time once again for 5 Minute Friday.
This time I wanted to share a quick activity called the ABC Game with you.
This is such a simple activity that can be done in the classroom, the hallway during bathroom breaks, or even in the lunch line.  Have the first person in the row or circle say a word that starts with A.  The following person will say a word that starts with B, and so on around the classroom.  If you want to make it more challenging, give your students a topic to stick to like food or animals.
It's an easy, no prep, activity that will keep those little minds working hard.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Daily Calendar and Math Vocabulary

I am SO excited to have finished this Daily Calendar and Math Vocabulary packet!  I really, really, really wanted to have it finished before the TpT sale was over, but it just didn't happen with the back to school and house moving craziness that is my life right now.
 I am beyond excited to use this packet this school year.  Each daily calendar sheet has a different math vocabulary word included...40 different words in all.  I will not be introducing a new word each day.  Some of the words, I may use for an entire week if I feel like it's something we really need to focus on.  Other words we may move through in a day or two.
The packet also includes math vocabulary word cards to display in the classroom.

I will be placing these in 3 ring binders for each of the students so we can have a record of our progress and our math vocabulary instruction throughout the year.  These would also be great to print at 75% and glue into composition notebooks as more of an interactive journal.  It's really however you prefer to use them.

I have also included 4 different cover options {boy, girl, color, black & white}.

 Since this was not finished in time for the Back to School Sale, I will have this marked at 20% all day today and tomorrow.  You can head on over to my store by clicking on the picture below.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Print and Practice

The countdown is on.  We go back on Monday and the students return on Tuesday.  My room is super close to being ready, but I still have some copies to make and lessons to write.
I have been using my Differentiated Morning Work for two years now and I absolutely LOVE it!

Since I want my students to feel successful and independent, I don't start this morning work until the 2nd week of school.  The students eventually become very independent with this, but we do it together for about the first month.
Since it always seems like there is SO much to do during that first week, I wanted to create something that they could do independently.  I created this packet to use as morning work during the first week of school as well as for fast finishers during those first couple weeks of school.

Remember that the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale is still going on today, so you can save 20% plus another 10% using the code BTS14 at checkout.
If you're following me on Instagram,  you may have seen that we got the keys to our new house yesterday.  We were suppose to get possession on Sunday, the day before school starts. So we were really excited to get the keys early.  Of course, all of the moving companies in town seemed to be booked, so we still aren't sure when we will officially be moving. 
However, it's nice to go and stand in our empty rooms anyways. Lol!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gearing Up for Back to School with a Sale

It's that time of year again!  It's time for the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale, which will be this coming Monday and Tuesday.
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