Friday, April 1, 2011

Pattern Block Pictures

We finished up our Geometry unit this week and since next week is Spring Break {WAHOO!}, I didn't want to move on to our next unit today.  Instead, we reviewed our 2 dimensional shapes and used pattern block cut outs to create pictures.

 They had so much fun being creative with the shapes.  I love just giving 1st graders the freedom to create.  I am always amazed at what they come up with.

 After they created their pictures, they had to fill out the graph to show which shapes they used.

Click on the picture above to download

They also had to write about their picture.

Click on the picture above to download


sailingintofirstgrade said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing. I am going to try that next week! You inspired me!

Anna Brantley said...

Very cute stuff!!!! I love teaching Geometry:) We make the pictures with pattern blocks,too, but I had never thought of incorporating a graphing it!!! Thanks for the awesome idea and printable resources!!!

Crazy for First Grade

meadowt said...

where do you get your cut out shapes for them to glue to make thier picture?

Jodi said...

@Meadowt...I cut them out with our Ellison machine at school.

Jessica Watermelon :) said...

This is such a great idea. I think I'll use it as a math center. Thanks for sharing!

Liberty said...

Thanks for sharing this graph and writing template. We use our pattern blocks at least once a week -- this is a great addition to our play! Love it! :)

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