Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Grouchy Ladybug

This is our last full week of school and we are finished with our reading series.  So, this week I will be doing an Eric Carle author study.  Today we read The Grouchy Ladybug. This is such a fun book and the students loved it.  After reading the book, we completed these two pages.
Click on the picture to download for FREE!
Click on the picture to download for FREE!
Next, we completed the graph about whether each student thought he/she was more like the Grouchy Ladybug or the Friendly Ladybug.

Click on the picture to download for FREE!

Click on the picture to download for FREE!
Then we wrote about what makes us grouchy and attached it to our ladybugs along with a picture of each child making a grouchy face.

Click on the picture to download for FREE!
I found this cute idea for the Grouchy Ladybug above, at http://mrsstewartsclass.com/bulletinboard.htm.

Tomorrow, we will be reading The Foolish Tortoise and completing some activities to go along with this book.


Anna Brantley said...

Very Cute!! Thanks for sharing:)

Crazy for First Grade"

Kim said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing your printables! We're done with school so I'm gathering stuff for next year! :)

Mrs. D said...

These activities are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)


Kara said...

Very cute! Thank you so much for sharing.

Tabitha said...

Thank you! This is just what I was looking for as we are working on elapsed time tomorrow. I appreciate your sharing :)

Mrs. Steinmann's Grade 1 said...

Love this idea! I grabbed your freebie and have blogged about what we did in our Grade One class. Thanks for sharing an amazing, engaging idea.

mmarsionis said...

Love these activities! Thank you so much!

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