Monday, June 20, 2011


I posted some of my purchases from Vistaprint last week when I was discussing behavior management.  I also use Vistaprint for many other things in my classroom.  I love it!  I have always had good luck with quality and getting things in a timely manner.  I always choose 21 day shipping because it is cheaper, but most of the time, my things come before that.  Here are some of my purchases from last year.

My students LOVE this one :)


I put this one on my student's shirts if they have an important paper in their backpack to sign. 

I put this on top of student work that needs to be worked on at home.

This one goes on all of my personal classroom books

I send this home at the beginning of the year for parents to hang on their refrigerators.

I use these to write student's names on.  They are great for grouping, centers, ...

This also goes home at the beginning of the year for parents to hang their child's work up on the refrigerator.

(I send these positive postcards in the mail throughout the school year.)


I put this on at the end of the day to discuss what we learned

Stickers - I stuck these to the front of their homework folders.

Brochures - MY FAVORITE Vistaprint item - GREAT QUALITY!!

Small Car Magnet - Stuck this to the white board when we sang this song

The birthday student was able to wear this shirt for the day.  Then I took it home and washed it for the next birthday.
I have ordered other things from Vistaprint and many of these items are ideas I found online or ideas that I recreated and made them work for my needs.  It's a lot of fun to create things and even more fun to get them in the mail :)  I can't wait to start putting in my orders for this coming school year!


Tracy said...

such great ideas!
I am SUPPOSED to be enjoying summer break without thinking of school...but SO glad I am pacing myself!!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Wowza...I am loving the stamp idea for "we did this together"...If I had a dollar for every time I have written those
Thanks for sharing!

Jan Brady said...

Great ideas! I've used Vistaprint before and they are great! Thanks for sharing your inspiring ideas!
- Jan

Hadar said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Miss Kindergarten

Mrs. Saoud said...

Happy Birthday!


Vintage Teacher said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas! Now I have to remember them. LOL

Happy Birthday this month. :0)

mtompkins said...

I love Vistaprint! You have some great ideas for using that site. Thanks for sharing!

WILD About First Grade!

Ana said...

Happy Birthday!!

meesa said...

Thanks for the post! I just ordered postcards for my kiddos and a car magnet with sentence starters!

Mrs. McHaffie said...

I am loving every single part of this post!!!! I'm heading over to Vistaprint RIGHT NOW! I would love to know what you wrote on the brochure (I love hearing others 'way with words') Any way I can get it??

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Danielle said...

Vistprint is great! Last year I was able to get wonderful resources with the $5.00 shipping. Have you heard anything about that this year?

Ms. Patterson said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I was just wondering what I need to make for vistaprint and you have given me many ideas. Thanks

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Gwyn said...

I love Vistaprint have used it for a couple of years! Once you order a couple of times you get great e-mails with great deals. I love your teacher use suggestions. thanks,gwyn

grace said...

LOVE the "Recap" idea!! I bought a $50 credit for $10 from LivingSocial and just bought a bunch of stuff tonight...wish I'd gotten the hat now! :) Great ideas!

Kelly B said...

I love, love, love your ideas and especially the birthday shirt! I am thinking I will just have to have one of those for my room! Thanks for being so awesome!

Deanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deanna said...

I just purchased the Living Social $50 for $10 deal too! I can't wait to place my order. Thanks for the ideas!

steve said...

Such a great idea and i appreciate your work.
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Kristie said...

Love, Love, Love Vistaprint! Been using them for several years and am never disappointed! Love your great ideas too!! Thanks for sharing!

Jess said...

Love the stamps! Thanks for sharing about vista print.

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I went to the vista print website and I was wondering what size rubber stamp did you get?

pacrapacma said...

I like the label that says. . . Your child needs practice with this skill. Please work on this at home.

I just found your blog and am voting for it in the classroom blog contest. My blog is called Beginning Reading Help.

Selene Johnson said...

Great! I’ve been using VistaPrint when I worked as a graphic designer. We used to print banners and large format printing. Thanks for sharing this information.Fixed Computer

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