Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classroom Photos

I have pretty much finished setting up my classroom.  I have a couple of things to drop off today, but then I don't plan on going back in until our teacher work day on Monday.  Our school theme is "Knowledge Island...Where Leaders Thrive," but I kind of went with the jungle aspect of this.  Our professional development book for the summer was The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey.  It was a great book and I really recommend reading it.
Anyways, here are some classroom photos.
Bulletin board outside of my classroom "Mrs. Southard's Wild Bunch"
 This is what you see as you enter my classroom.  If you remember from previous posts, 90% of our classrooms do not have doors.  The 3 first grade classrooms are down a hallway, so we really don't have many distractions except for when another 1st grader may walk by.  I guess you just get used to it because I don't even think about not having a door anymore.  I do like to make the entrance fun and inviting though :) 

 Here is a view of my room while standing in the middle area.  This picture makes it look much bigger than it really is.  It's a very odd shaped room.
Calendar area

Job Chart
 Click on the picture above to download.

Focus Wall
Click on the picture above to download.
 Bulletin Boards that are on each side of my dry erase board.

7 Habits Posters
Click on the picture above to download.
This is the palm tree that I made thanks to the directions on Mrs. Jump's blog.  I LOVE it!!
Student's desks ready for Meet the Teacher Night with Magic Confetti and a gift bag.  I had downloaded this poem off of Proteacher last year.  I attach it to a bag of confetti.
I hope you enjoyed the class tour!


Annie Moffatt said...

WOW!! I want to be in your room:) I especially LOVE the big apple and palm tree. Everything looks so colorful, clean and HAPPY:) Great job!!

Amy said...

Looks like a fun place to be! Thanks for the inspiration!

Pam said...

I love your room! We are a leadership school and in our 2nd year of implementation. I have a behavior chart based on the habits posted on my blog. I love the habits and it has made a huge difference at my school! Last year I visited Combs Elementary School. Wow double Wow! I hope You will be sharing more of what you are doing at your school with the habits. Sorry for the long post. I was so excited to see your classroom! :)

Tina said...

Your room looks GREAT!

Quench Your First

Tina said...

Your room looks GREAT!

Quench Your First

mmcculloch said...

I have been obsessing over your blog the last few days. Thank you for the wonderful freebies. Your room looks wonderful and is inspiring. Keep it up!

Griffin said...

What do you put in your magic confetti bag? Your room looks awesome!

Shelly said...

Your room is awesome- I'm a little jealous b/c it reminds me of all that I still have to do. I am doing a jungle/safari theme this year, so it was great to find some inspiration thru your photos. Where did you get the letters (animal print) that you used for your signs? Have a great year!

Miss J said...

Great job on your room!!

Miss J


Carolyn S said...

Jodi your room looks wonderful! I have a Safari theme too. We are a Seven Habits Leadership school. Would you be willing to share your seven habits posters? They are wonderful!!!! Thanks and have a great year!!!

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

Your classroom looks great! I love your jungle theme! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your magic playdough and ideas over at my blog. I have never seen that idea before, but thought I was super cute!! Thanks

ashleemccormick said...

Wowee - looks amazing! What font did you use for your signs? I have a rainforest theme and need to make some signs too! : ) Thanks!

Jodi said...

@ Griffin,
I just buy "Sparkle Mix" in the craft section of Walmart. It's basically a variety of sequins, but regular confetti would work too.
@ Shelly,
The jungle print for the Focus Wall comes from Scrappin Doodles.
The font on the Job Chart sign is Annoying Kettle which is a free scrapbook font from Kevin and Amanda.
I just emailed to you :)

William Smith said...

Incredible palm tree. Your room looks great!

Jennifer Long said...

Your room looks amazing! Love the jungle theme and your palm tree is super cool!
A Pirates Life for Us

twinpetersons said...

Our school is implementing the Leader in Me this year and I'll be teaching a K/1. I would love to share ideas with you as not many schools are using the Leader in Me. Cute classroom!


Barbara said...

We are going to use the Covey stuff at our school; a few second grade teachers are already implementing the stories and the habits. We're putting SYNERGY into action cause we're merging two campuses into one school.

Oh, and I finally fixed my Words in a Window blog post to link back to your Back-To-School-Activity party page; imagine that - it's only taken me a month to figure out how to navigate through Linky Land!

Happy new year! Barbara
The Corner On Character

Ariel Eishen said...

Great looking room! Is there a link to the directions for the palm? I'm wanting to make one this week and have been looking for inspiration!

Cortney said...

You do have an odd shaped room but I love the colors in the calendar area. need to add color this year, last year I kept it white and plain and it didn't feel cozy.

Nicole Chatz said...

So colourful and inviting! I *love* the palm tree.


Ginger Snaps said...

It is so spacious and open! I love that!

ThinkWonder Teach said...

Super cute!!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Miss. Checki said...

How much fabric did you use? Is it a beach sized umbrella?

Merry Sunshine said...

I am just reading The Leader in Me based on your recommendation and my many year long love of the 7 habits. I'm trying to coordinate this for our K-1 classrooms - would you possibly share your posters? Thanks so much! My email is

Katie Lawson said...

Where did you get the apple pocket chart?

Dulcie said...

D. Daley September 1, 2013 I really love that palm tree and would really like to get the directions on how to make it. Great looking room.

Arfa Fakhar said...

Such a hardworking teacher hats off.

Jeff, Sarah, Lydia & Jack Henry said...

LOVE your classroom!! Is there any way to edit the "jobs" on the helper chart? It's so cute!

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