September Fluency Packet

If you're familiar with my Fluency Packets, you might be happy to know that my September packet is now available on Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers

If you are not familiar with what my Fluency packets are, let me explain them.  The month long packet includes 4 weeks worth of fluency passages, one for each day (20 total).  The passages are a variety of fiction, nonfiction, songs and poems that I have written.  Each passage includes comprehension and phonics questions, Power Words (vocabulary), and a home connection.  Then each passage includes a second page that has some other type of language activity to complete. 
Here is how I use them:
At the end of each day, I have an extra 30 minutes after the students come back from their special area class.  I pass out the passage to each student.  We discuss the Power Words.  Sometimes, these are just words that they may not recognize in the passage or they may be more of a vocabulary word that we need to use in a sentence and really discuss the meaning.  Next, we read the passage together numerous times.  If we have time, I may have the students read it with a partner.  Then, we complete the comprehension and phonics component together.  At the beginning of the year I offer tons of support with this part.  As the year progresses, I find that many students are capable of doing this part independently.  The next page (which I usually just copy onto the back) is usually something that students can do pretty much on their own.  I go around and help as needed.  Finally, we place this in our homework folders and they take the passage home to read to someone.
September's packet includes a different theme for each week (Back to School, Family, Apples, and Jungle). 
You can check out an example of each week by clicking on the pictures below.
Back to School



You can purchase these from

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  1. Where did you get the poems from your samples? These packets are a great idea.


  2. I really like the idea of these. Do you have a parent letter that you use to introduce these when you start using them? I am heading to TPT to pick these up! THANKS!

  3. @Crystal,
    I write all of the passages.
    @t. ulch,
    I don't have a parent letter, but that is a good idea. I will have to create one :)

  4. For some reason your Matt Damon post is sending comments to facebook? So I came down to the last post to comment instead.

    I saw this yesterday on facebook and it made my day! I don't necessarily agree with everything he said, but the bit about teachers not being in it for the money really hit home. I gained a lot of respect for Matt Damon.

    Having Fun K-1


  5. Love these. Thanks for sharing. Just purchased them.

  6. Congratulations on being the shop of the week on TN!! You totally deserve it! You have awesome products.


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