Another Fundraiser Update

I just wanted to THANK everyone that donated to Katelyn!  We have met our goal of $10,000!  I have officially closed the fundraiser.
If you have made a donation AND filled out the Google Docs form, I HAVE sent your files using You Send It.  If you have not received them, please fill out the Google Docs form again {I placed it below}.  Sometimes, technology does not work as planned, so if you still do not receive them, please send me an email.
Thanks so much again!


  1. That's awesome Jodi! You really helped change that little girl's life.

    Swimming into Second

  2. WOW! How amazing, Jodi! This is truly awesome, well done!!!! So happy to have been apart of it.

    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit

  3. You have done a fantastic thing! Thank you and to all who helped you.
    First Grade Carousel


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