Sunday, January 6, 2013

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!

As much as I didn't want to go back on a Wednesday, it was SO nice having a 3 day week last week.  It allowed us to get back into a routine and then before we knew it, it was the weekend!
It was penguin mania in our classroom last week.  We learned all about real penguins.
We filled out an anchor chart and measured yarn to show the height of different species of penguins.

We have been reading tons of nonfiction books about penguins.  

 I LOVE when I get to tell the students how penguin mothers feed their babies.  Gross!  This is always a fact that they can remember though ;)
We have been doing tons of the activities from my free penguin unit that you can find here.
We have also been using a penguin theme during our reading time by using Tacky the Penguin books.

What's not to love about Tacky!  My firsties were so into these books and couldn't wait to hear the next one.  We completed the activities in my Fun with Fiction {Penguins} unit.

The students had tons of fun snacking on goldfish and discussing the books.

We have carried the penguin theme to other parts of our day as well.  We have been reading this chapter book.
 My students LOVE Ready Freddy books.  We usually rotate between Ready Freddy and Junie B. books.
We have also been using the Penguin themed passages this week from my January Fluency passages.
We also made this bulletin board by writing our New Year's resolutions.

 On another note, one of my friends that teaches 2nd grade just posted this great Super Bowl themed packet on TpT that you may want to check out.

If you are starting back tomorrow, good luck!!  If you've already been back, have a GREAT week!
Did you stick with me for that really lllloooonnnngggg post?  If so, the first 3 people to comment {and leave their email} will get my Fun with Fiction {Penguins} unit for free :)


Lori Rosenberg said...

Jodi, you know I love everything you do! I would love the Fun With Fiction!
ΡΌ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Kate said...

The penguin packet looks adorable!


Coley's Little Hoots said...

I love penguins!! I plan on doing my penguin unit next week.


Jay Pea said...

This looks so cute....I know your class had a blast!

Miss Kindergarten said...

The cool resolutions are adorable!!!

Miss Kindergarten said...

The cool resolutions are adorable!!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for that wonderful freebie. I am going to have to use the questions with my students at the start of our unit. Also, I love showing my students how tall each penguin is. I usually have a chart that shows how tall each of my students are. Then I use that same chart to chart the penguins. They love seeing how tall they are compared to the penguins. They are surprised to find out that they are taller than the penguins.

Darling Little Learners

Sarabeth said...

Love your blog and your great ideas. I'm going to use your penguin measurement idea! Happy New Year!

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Super cute! I love it!
First Grade Blue SKies

Loretta Webb said...

Really great unit on penguins! Love it!!!

LovingFirstGrade said...

Love your blog. You give me lots of great ideas and keep it fun for the kids and me. :).

Sharon McBee said...

Love your blog and unit! Thanks for the penguin freebie!
Buggy for First Grade

LovingFirstGrade said...

Ps. You have great followers!! I got your email and responded ASAP. I noticed you had comments just minutes after you posted. That's awesome!!

Jenn Bates said...

Your Penguin fiction packet look terrific!
Finally in First

Kerri and Lindsay said...

What a great idea to let them eat little goldfish and discuss the books! I also LOVE your penguin height wall. Must re-create in my classroom! Thanks for the great idea!
Kerri B
Teacher Bits and Bobs

Mrs. Wathen said...

Lots of super ideas! I used your Penguin fluency page and songs and poems for our poetry notebook this week too:) Love the goldfish idea!

The Resourceful Apple

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Clever, clever. Adding a food component during any lesson will absolutely get results. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing Jodi!
Fluttering Through First Grade

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