Last Day of School and Happy Birthday!

It's the last day of school for our students and it's my daughter's 6th birthday!
You can't be that kind of day! 
 **So...everything in my TpT store will be 15% off today and tomorrow!


Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.  I am thankful for the day off to spend the day with my family, but I am even more thankful for the service men and women that allow me to have the freedom to spend my days with my family.
My brother is in the Air Force and I could not be more proud of him.  We don't get to see him very often, but we were lucky enough to meet my brother and his wife in Vegas for Spring Break this year. 
So, on this Memorial Day, I want to say "Thank you military!"


Five for Friday...Check out our Talent!

TGIF!  Now, I know many of you are saying thank God it's Summer, but we aren't there quite yet.  One more week.  I think I can!  I think I can!  Some good news though is that I have today off, so we have a 4 day weekend.  Too bad it's kind of cold outside :(  I'm linking up for Five for Friday today.
1. I have to share this video of our school talent show.  This is one of my favorite days every year!  I LOVE seeing our students perform their talents.  Too cute!  The teachers always do some type of "act" every year.  This year was TOO much fun!
{I'm the one on the left side in the hot pink shorts and blue shirt...doing the handstand later on.}

I love my coworkers!  As we say, we work hard and then play hard.
2.  Today I will be enjoying my day off, but also filling my day with cleaning, laundry, and prepping for my almost 6 year old's birthday party.  {Shed a tear...I can't believe she's almost 6!!}
3. They are renovating our school this summer.  Most of the school has moveable walls, so they are putting in real walls and doors.  My room is in a "new" part, so I have walls, but no door.  The only renovation for me will be new carpet.  It will be nice, but it also means we have to pack up EVERYTHING :(
I do have a lot of storage space, so most of it can be put away in my own classroom.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they get it done quickly and we aren't setting up our classrooms the night before school starts. 
4.  The last two weeks of school can be chaotic anyways, but you add packing up your classroom to it, and it has the potential to be out of control.  These packets have definitely helped.

5.  I think I've procrastinated long enough.  I have a date with these guys.
Have a GREAT weekend!


End of the Year Gift Idea

I know many of you will be finishing up this week.  We still have one more week.  The end is near.  Even though I am definitely ready for summer, it is always bittersweet to end another school year.
A couple of weeks ago, I was at Dollar Tree picking up some things for our Mother's Day celebration.  I came across the pinwheels.  I have purchased these in the past and used them for reading.
This time I wanted to do something different with the pinwheels.  I decided to buy one for each of my students.  I wrote each child's name on one of the petals.  Then on the remaining petals, I wrote character traits of that child.

I plan on putting these in the ground by the sidewalk outside of our door on the last day of school.  Then students will be able to take them home at the end of the day.  I think they'll love reading about each other.  It's a fun, feel good gift for your students.


Indiana Bloggers Blog Hop FREEBIE

When people hear Indiana, one of the first things they usually think of is racing and the Indianapolis 500.  This famous race always takes place during Memorial Day weekend.  I have to be honest with you.  I don't like racing!  I may be banned from the state, but it has just never interested me.  I've been to the Indy 500, but it still didn't do much for me.  However, I'm more than happy to participate in this fun Indiana Bloggers "racing themed" blog hop.
So, "Ladies and Gentlemen. Start your engines" and lets get moving through some great freebies!
I created this fun freebie to use last week with my kiddos and they LOVED it!
 I printed off two copies of the sight words and spread them out across the carpet in two rows.  Students were grouped into two teams.  They took turns racing through their sight words.

 photo ce114cd9-44f2-45dd-8acb-36571f358fc6_zps2809fb7e.jpg
They had so much fun racing each other that I don't think they had any idea that they were practicing their sight words.

You can download this freebie by clicking on the cover page above or by going to my TpT store HERE.
Now it's time to continue on through the Blog Hop.  You may have come from Twenty Something Teacher Tales.  If not, you can go back and visit her.
If you are continuing through the blog hop, your next stop is my good friend Rebecca!
Thanks for stopping by for our Indiana Bloggers Blog Hop!

T Shirt Giveaway

ok ladies here is my first draft... you can take it, leave it, or send desired changes my way... my feelings won't be hurt :)
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We have made this giveaway super easy for you to have almost 50 chances to win one of 23 t-shirts.  It is a blog hop, so you can enter as many or as few giveaways you would like!  The contest begins Saturday, May 18th, at 8:00 a.m. EST and ends on Sunday, May 19th, at 12:00 a.m. EST.  Winners will be announced on the following Monday. Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy!  Start by entering my giveaway here:

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I will definitely be ordering more of these shirts! 
Next, you will head over to Little Miss Kindergarten and enter there and keep going until your fingers are too tired to hit click (that is how simple we made it for you!).

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Summer Activity Calendar

Can you feel summer?  It is getting so close.  Even though it's hard to imagine on days where it's 34 degrees in the morning.  Yuck!  I need some warm weather.
Even though it may not feel warm yet, I know summer is coming because my firsties are seriously getting some summer fever. 
To keep my student's brains engaged over the summer, I will be sending home this calendar of activities.

Just click on the picture above to download it from TpT.  I have included a dated calendar as well as a calendar without dates.
So, can you feel summer yet? 


Mother's Day Celebration

Today I had a Mother's Day Celebration in my classroom.  It's the first time I've ever done this and it was great!  This will definitely be a new tradition in my classroom every year. 
 photo b325bd2d-affb-45b4-ae17-bca9bdbc95ac_zps063255d9.jpg
Throughout the week, we worked on some things for our mothers.
First, we completed this Mother's Day Booklet. {Click on the picture for the free download.}
We also completed some activities from Cara's packet.
It was amazing how hard they worked on these!  All to impress their mothers :)
We also made these vases with our fingerprints. {I found this idea on Instragram from Fabulous in First.} I just bought the vases from Dollar Tree and we used acrylic paint.
I purchased two dozen roses this morning so I could put a rose in each of the vases. 

 photo d8338078-7e1e-4bae-a0fc-8f99fe1c509b_zps9379d8b2.jpg

We also practiced poems all week to read. {Click on the picure below to download the poems that we used.}
When the mothers came into our room, they were able to get a snack and a drink with their child.  Then I gave each child a "Mom, Let's Talk" bag.
 photo 36715d00-c2ae-4715-aac3-cfbbe432a1b2_zpsc2face56.jpg
Each bag contained questions that mothers and their child could discuss with each other.  It was so amazing to listen to the conversations my students were having with their mothers.  They had the biggest smiles on their faces listening to their mom tell them stories.  Too sweet!
 photo b3678a17-0738-4759-9db6-7004403349d2_zps90b82a23.jpg  photo 2808bd47-322f-4093-b29f-3db068a56d41_zpsf5fd9762.jpg
{Click on the picture below to download the questions.}
After the students had conversations with their mothers and gave them their folders, it was time to read our poems. 
 photo fd00b88d-faa3-4615-91ab-2daf48f58bdf_zps4283afe5.jpg
 photo 88ad6867-87f4-4d20-93eb-5a93d87e20c3_zpsafb2dcc9.jpg
 photo 5dc8a121-56df-4aec-bed6-fa2027527c12_zps733b5161.jpg
 photo 08e130d8-f6f0-4ad5-abd5-1c5827b53a61_zps005d798c.jpg
To wrap up our celebration, I made a slide show with each child's picture and a quote.  I had asked each student to tell me the best thing about their mom. 
 photo a9c6918e-5180-4627-8e6b-663d55278dd3_zpsbf527dbb.jpg
 photo ef2ed90f-cebd-4353-93c5-b2e8b5d5f073_zps1d709ed3.jpg
It was such a wonderful morning!

Teacher Appreciation Sale

I'm sure you've heard the word, but just in case you haven''s sale time at TpT.
Graphic by Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah-Designs
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Just recently, I bundled my entire year of fluency passages together.
I also bundled together my Monthly Poems and Songs {September-May} into one packet.
I gave my End of the Year Activities a facelift.
Here are some of my favorite items from my store.
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