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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Short i and Short o

This week we are learning about short i.  I loved using my Short a Word Work packet last week, so I am just as excited to use my Short i packet this week. The best thing about it is my students are now familiar with the format and they are able to do many of the activities this week independently during centers.
You can check out my Short i Word Work packet by clicking on the pictures below.

I had quite a few people say that they were a week ahead of me in their phonics instruction and were ready for short o.  Thanks to the 3 day weekend, I was able to get my Short o Word Work packet finished as well.
I'm working on completing the Short e and Short u packets and hope to have them available soon.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Word Stairs

This week I found myself with 5 extra minutes before a fire drill.  Not one to sit around and waste time ,{which is a disaster waiting to happen in a 1st grade classroom anyways} I drew a staircase on the board.  I wrote a CVC word at the bottom and began calling on students to change ONE letter to make a new word.  We continued until we reached the top of the staircase.
 My students LOVE this simple activity and it's great for reviewing phonics and spelling skills!
I created some Word Stairs that I will be putting in our Word Work tub for Daily 5.
You can click HERE to download them for FREE.  I also included a blank sheet so you could create your own or have your students choose the beginning word.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gearing up for December and Sparkly E

Last week, we began working on words with silent e.  This is always a turning point for many of my students because all of the sudden, everything they think they understand about stretching out words, changes. 
You may remember this post from last year about Sparkly E.
I introduce Sparkly E to my students by saying, "Here is a word {mad} and along comes Sparkly e.  Sparkly e is just so beautiful and fancy that "a" has to introduce itself.  'Hi!  Nice to meet you.  My name is A.'  Sparkly e doesn't say anything back because it's silent, but the vowel says it's name."
Here is a song that we sing together.
We practice making words together.
Then the students make their own by using glitter glue on index cards and gluing them onto a popsicle stick.
I put the song and some word cards together into one packet that you can download for free by clicking below.

Example of the word cards.
I am also gearing up for December!!  I have completed my December Poems and Songs Packet.

I have also officially aligned my December, January, and February Fluency packets to the Common Core and have added the standards on each passage.  If you have already purchased any of these, you may redownload them to get the updated version.

You can also get ALL three months in one packet by purchasing the Winter Fluency Packet {which is also Common Core Aligned.}
Still to come...December Differentiated Morning Work.  I'm only about a quarter of the way done, but with only a 2 day week ahead of me and five glorious days off, I plan to finish it by next weekend :)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sparkly E

I found the idea for a "magic e" last year on Mrs. Wheeler's blog. When I saw this wand, I knew I had to make one.  When I searched through my cabinet for a cut out letter, I found a sparkly one and taped it to a ruler.  I decided to call my E, "sparkly E" and I love it!
I tell the students that when Sparkly E shows up, the vowel in the word is SO excited because the E is just so beautiful and shiny that the vowel just has to introduce itself.  "Hi, it's so nice to meet you.  My name is A."  I make a huge deal about this and really elaborate the story.  The kids really get into it.
We practice using the Sparkly E as a whole group.

Next, we made our own Sparkly E's so we could practice changing CVC words to CVCe words on our dry erase boards.
This is just a 3x5 index card cut in half and glued on a popsicle stick.

We also had fun learning this song that I made up about Sparkly E.
Click on the picture to download

If this is something you think you'd use in your classroom, leave me some love with a comment :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Word Lists

Something new that I started doing this year was to time the students on word lists each week.  I created lists of words to go along with our phonics skill for the week.  On Monday, I time each student while he/she reads the list.  I do this mostly during morning work time, restroom breaks, or when a child finishes something early, but sometimes I have to finish up during small group time.  I record their time on their list and send it home for them to practice during the week.  I also keep track of each student's time on my class list as well. Then on Friday, I time each student again.  They LOVE to see if they can beat their score.  Here are what the lists look like:
In the box, I would write somthing like, Jack's time on November 11th was 1 min. 32 sec.
Here is the class list where I keep track of the pre and post times.
You can download these for FREE at either Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.
I'd love to hear if you downloaded these and found them useful :)

Friday, June 17, 2011


These Change-a-Word Word Circles will be great to use as a whole group at the beginning of the year for my 1st graders.  They would also work well towards the middle or end of the year for students to complete individually.  Click on the image below for the FREE download.
I'd love to know what you think and if you'd find these useful in your classroom :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet the Bossy R Triplets

I finished up my "Meet the Bossy R Triplets" Unit and now have it posted on TpT.
Every year when I teach the "er" sound, I think that it is so confusing for my students.  I created this unit to help them get tons of visual practice with this phonics skill.  You can pick it up at Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.
You can save 10% through April 9th by using the Promo code: A3F9D

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